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Cooking, washing, make-up and other essentials

  Cooking, washing, make-up and other essentials Recently, my somewhat limited interest in cooking has risen to the surface.  Looking through those magazines with lovely pictures of food I think, ’I could do that’, so I give it a go.  However, the mere ingredients cost me more than an expensive restaurant dinner, for two.  The…
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October 8, 2011 0

My Dad brought people home

  My Dad brought people home I did more over the winter months than I expected to. I worked a lot. I thought a lot. I discovered a relationship with someone that I will build on. The man, as he will be referred to for the moment, who just like each of us, is special…
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October 1, 2011 0


  Product I am starting to feel like I am held together by product. To stop myself from falling into a hole of depression I walk to work. To stop myself from falling into a hole of depression I add product to my hair-to make it look better, I think. Then it rains on the…
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September 23, 2011 0

My Aunty Nancy

My Aunty Nancy I do not want to go back to the hospital to get the stitches out of my finger.  I choose to go to my local GP.  The doctor looked at my finger and asked, “Knife?” I replied, “Cupboard”. He is learning not to ask. My finger seems to be taking the longest…
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September 16, 2011 0

The Finger accident on a rare day off

The Finger accident on a rare day off In just one minute, everything can and does change. I decide to have a day off work. I have to work extra hours to achieve this. The plan is that I would wait for the delivery of a new bed for the spare room I had “de-cluttered”.…
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September 10, 2011 0

After the Winter

After the winter Going into winter I had a job, what I did over winter was work, work and work. Everything else took a back seat to work. I was sick for a while probably because of too much work, work and work. The extra money is great although I have had little time or…
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April 29, 2011 0

Run Over

Run Over I wanted to indulge in a complete melt down but because I was on my own nobody was going to get the benefit, so I just had to stop it. I said the wrong thing at the wrong time and I ran someone over, emotionally that is. I read the wrong thing at…
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April 21, 2011 0

Yesterday is gone

  Yesterday is gone Listening to a song I hear the words “Don’t look back on yesterday”. I go join a Gym. Whatever we do today is done and gone, it is all yesterday. I am thinking what I want gone by tomorrow is my flab. I have too much that moves. With this in…
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April 15, 2011 0

Staying on Confusing – What about Mary

Staying on Confusing – What about Mary  A day in my life. I put the parking ticket money in the machine and while I wait for the ticket to print I realise I have forgotten my work security swiper card. I walk away without taking the ticket for my car. I get to the office,…
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April 8, 2011 0

My Hands are Tied

  My Hands are Tied While I enjoy getting to know this new man in my life my hands are tied.  Am I back to those Handcuffs? I am getting a bit worried about myself here.  Am I developing a fetish? He is not the policeman. He is very different; my heart is making one…
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April 1, 2011 0
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