Living the Inspiration


I was born in 1956 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia of wonderful Irish and British/Australian heritage. I have two fantastic adult children. With a small business/accounting background, I worked for the Australian Federal Government in the Australian Taxation Office as a Goods and Services Tax (GST) Field Officer and Auditor as the GST was introduced in 1999 up to 2008.

I moved states on Australia Day 1996 from sunny Brisbane, to cool climate Tasmania, where I still reside. I enjoy the local wines and produce that Tasmania has quite rightly become famous for. I love growing my own food and working hard in a flourishing garden. I live a simple life and have lots of fun. I love to share and that lead me to writing – or was that because my ex-husband would not listen to me? Only kidding! I have a sense of humour, I love to laugh, as I’m sure will become evident as you read through my stories. I hope you enjoy them.

At the age of 59 I Graduated with a Master of Professional Accounting (Business Management) from the University of Tasmania, just because I wanted to. We are never to old to learn.

As my life has changed from being unaware to aware so to has my writing. The shift into awareness was slow but consistent. It is one step forward and two backwards, at times, and that is just how it is. In the joy of discovery I hope to offer inspiration to all who choose to do the same; for themselves.


Photography by Bret Salinger, Launceston Tasmania Australia.

Photography by Bret Salinger, Launceston Tasmania Australia.


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