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March 2017

Stillness matters most

January 2017

Changes force us to learn & are good for the soul

October 2016


August 2016

When I get old

June 2016

Living in the now is being still

April 2016 

I make it painful or painless

Scary long legs

March 2016

Claim our ability to improve our life

Unconditional Love

February 2016

Opportunities and Inner Guidance

December 2015

What do I want?


June 2015


An Ordinary Life

May 2014

Everything has a purpose

December 2012

This Girl

August 2012

Good Advertising

July 2012


April 2012

The Future

Valentine’s Day

March 2012

It’s called living

Cut off dates

Things I will never do again

February 2012

My Girl

The Kingswood


January 2012

The Credit Card Season

Looking After Yourself

Never Miss A Chance to Dance

December 2011

The Trip

Lipstick Lessons

This Man Cooks

Lessons in Housekeeping

November 2011

I don’t have a TV


Cooking, Washing, Make-up and other essentials

My Dad bought people home

October 2011


My Aunty Nancy

The Finger Accident on a rare day off

September 2011

After the Winter

Run Over

Yesterday is gone

Staying on Confusing, What about Mary!

My Hands are Tied

April 2011

Development, Have I found the man?

Those Handcuffs

Bunker Down Time

Research Continues

March 2011

Research and Development

The Happy Tap

Believe in Change

A Bigger Boot

February 2011

Rowing my Own Boat

Those Scales

January 2011

The Pimple

Short stories

Chapter 1 of book “Just Around the Corner” by Mary Willetts

December 2010

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