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November 2017

The distortion of the mind

September 2017

Mind Chatter


June 2017

Learning and Fun

March 2017

Stillness matters most

January 2017

Change force us to learn and is good for the soul

October 2016


August 2016

When I get old

June 2016

Living in the now is being still

April 2016 

I make it painful or painless

Scary long legs

March 2016

Claim our ability to improve our life

Unconditional Love

February 2016

Opportunities and Inner Guidance

December 2015

What do I want?


June 2015


An Ordinary Life

May 2014

Everything has a purpose

December 2012

This Girl

August 2012

Good Advertising

July 2012


April 2012

The Future

Valentine’s Day

March 2012

It’s called living

Cut off dates

Things I will never do again

February 2012

My Girl

The Kingswood


January 2012

The Credit Card Season

Looking After Yourself

Never Miss A Chance to Dance

December 2011

The Trip

Lipstick Lessons

This Man Cooks

Lessons in Housekeeping

November 2011

I don’t have a TV


Cooking, Washing, Make-up and other essentials

My Dad bought people home

October 2011


My Aunty Nancy

The Finger Accident on a rare day off

September 2011

After the Winter

Run Over

Yesterday is gone

Staying on Confusing, What about Mary!

My Hands are Tied

April 2011

Development, Have I found the man?

Those Handcuffs

Bunker Down Time

Research Continues

March 2011

Research and Development

The Happy Tap

Believe in Change

A Bigger Boot

February 2011

Rowing my Own Boat

Those Scales

January 2011

The Pimple

Short stories

Chapter 1 of book “Just Around the Corner” by Mary Willetts

December 2010

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