Stillness Matters Most


Stillness Matters Most

March 19, 2017 Stories 0

Stillness matters most

It’s sad to read articles on stillness that have an attached “to do” list.

Truly is being still such a task?

Grateful that I just don’t have that busy mind thing happening, I get on with being still. Unless I am at work and I need to really focus and think, I don’t.

If I am not at work and I don’t have to think….I don’t. Why would I?

I observe that maybe I am in the minority group here. Possibly people think I am a bit of a dreamer or off with the fairies at times. I am completely still in my mind, most of the time. This seems a natural state to me, it’s home in my head, a place to relax.

When I need to think in a structured way to achieve some sort of practical outcome, which could be to make a meal or pick out what to wear. To do some more “formal” work, like writing this, then I need to engage my mind on that task.

The mind/brain is there for this purpose, not to send us nuts.

While preparing a meal my mind is focused on the meal and even then most meals I make are not that good.

When I am eating my mind is on eating, this is living in the now. Being present. Being engaged on one thing at a time without being invaded by constant thoughts.

When I don’t have to do any of these things I don’t have the “rush” of thoughts that most people tell me about, yet I have had them at times.

In my life I have indeed been shown what paranoia is, what anxiety is and what depression is.

What and how such a simple thing as thinking can do to completely ‘unpick’ a person. To go from the whole to the tiny shattered pieces that materialises as irrational behaviour.

There is nothing to know, nothing to do about being still. You simply stop your mind from thinking.

When I witness in my own behaviour any trace of paranoia or irrational thought I can observe that for what it is. I can step out of that thinking. It’s not a choice so much as an activity. I take action to stop thinking crazy thoughts.

However to become an activity it must be seen for what it is and seeing it – is awareness.

I can tell these thoughts to “stop” or “go away” and they will and the paranoia subsides. It happens, it is automatic and natural to stop this sort of thinking. We already know how to do this; we do not have to learn this.

Because paranoia and irrational thinking happens does not mean it is “you”.

Your feelings are not you; there is nothing to honour in your feelings. They come and then go like the wind that passes us by we can observe our feelings. The mind has created them, that’s all. Be aware of them.

It is interesting to observe our feelings but that is all. A matter of interest only they do not need to be acted upon. They are what they are. The best thing to do with some feelings is nothing.

Do nothing at the first moment of being aware of a feeling and witness how that feels.

There is a lot of information written on this Universal subject. Many want to know who they are and why they are here.

There is much that can be gained in stopping that search and being still.

Stillness brings the answers to all the questions.

As humans we are trained to believe – that is one problem. Then we are trained to believe that “we” are so important or at least should be so important. Some status is required, to be important. This is just sad.

This training reduces our natural state of being still into being busy proving we are important.

Who are we important to?

When we are still within our being there is no such thing as important. There is only peace and spacious nothingness.

You do not have to allow time to be still, or practice stillness.

The word mindfulness makes me feel restless that I should be busy filling my mind with some activity or doing something to be mindful. That word kind of does not work at the peaceful level.

You do not need to meditate to be still.

I never meditate I actively dislike meditation. I seriously dislike meditation where I am told what to do, put your hand on your heart or something to that effect. Any kind of chanting just sends me to sleep because I don’t want to hear it so going to sleep works for me.

I can and do switch off my thinking.

I can go to sleep easily and feel refreshed when I wake up.

When I am awake my mind is open to see and observe all that gathers and collects around me. My life arrives moment to moment.

I don’t do earplugs. I don’t want sounds pumped into my brain; I like to leave it available for use.

Having said that I love music and talent and both are lovingly enjoyed, just not 24/7 or even 24. There are moments for everything not moments to fill by shoving something to listen to into our ears.

People are not observing anything, they are deliberately blocking out their life. Wishing to escape. Ignoring any presence that may exist for fear of something in that presence being confronting and painful.

Touching who we are, within who we are, is the most satisfying experience available for our use. We all have it; the state of “being” perhaps is birth itself. It never leaves the connectedness seems to get clouded with activity until it is so thick it is no longer recognised.

Once the clouds can be cleared it can been seen.

Many people write and talk of clouds being thoughts and this resonates well with me. They move around and even feel like they are floating thoughts at times the way they come and go and reappear in different shapes and sizes. Black clouds are common symbols of dark moments and hard times in much of our global literature.

The only thing that is important, that matters, is the stillness that is the core of each of us. Stillness matters most.

From that stillness we know, all there is to know.

Copyright © Mary Willetts 2017

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