Change force us to learn and is good for the soul


Change force us to learn and is good for the soul

January 8, 2017 Stories 0

Change force us to learn and is good for the soul

As I was trying to update my 6 year old iphone one fine sunny Saturday, it froze on my computer. I was using the phone as the Wi-Fi internet connection so there was nothing I could do with it.

I thought of waiting until Monday to get it sorted. Ten minutes later, I was out of the house and heading for the Telstra shop.

I was aware the old iphone needed to be replaced when some week’s earlier phone numbers started dropping off it for no reason. My contact list was self-reducing. I pondered if the Universe was telling me to reduce my friends; you know be more selective, or if the phone was just getting old and forgetting…hum a bit like me.

Having already decided a new phone was going to be required I did ask around and investigated the options. I therefore knew, as I drove to the Telstra shop, that I was going to change from the iphone to the Galaxy android phone. That sorted I was back home in no time.

Of course I had no real desire to learn how to use the new phone and the wonderfully efficient girl at the Telstra shop had set it up with what we now considered – essential Apps.

All the things I needed to know about the phone would happen as I went along with doing what I always do. I did not chose to sit and look at what the new phone could offer most of which held no interest to me. Epictetus said “Make the best of what is in our power, and take the rest at it naturally happens.”  I adhere to this completely, always have.

I had a new phone because the old phone had stopped being useful to spend anymore time at working out how a phone works was akin to housework, a chore and I have to be in a special mood to manage those tasks.

It is humorous to be ditzy, people love the flippant style and I love to laugh and I am happy enough to let people have a laugh at the silliness I can capable of.

Remembering that we are all capable of the same.

Some people live by the Bon Jovi lyrics “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”. I am not one of them.

If I am tired and can sleep then I sleep. Therefore if it has been a rough day and I’m tired I just go to bed as soon as I can. Given this is what it is I happened to have gone to bed at 7pm, Yes really, and with the full intention of not getting up until 5am when the alarm would ring.

I had managed to set the alarm on the new phone but noted I would not know the ring tune as I just used any, who cared as long as it makes a noise.

Therefore when I heard a noise at 8pm ish I jumped up pressed off, somehow, and was in the shower in no time and getting ready for work. Suddenly I stopped and wondered if it really was morning , or not. I looked at the phone and saw that I had a missed call. I went back to bed after my shower.

However about a week after this experience you would have thought I’d have a grip on the phone sounds but no. At 8:30pm I got a text just a small “ding” sound and I threw myself out of bed and saw the time of 8:30 OMG I was late for work. It is daylight saving and this contributed to my confusion, it was light, very light and I was sitting eating my morning Muesli got the coffee brewing, thinking about phoning in and letting people know I was ok just running late this morning. But…I felt terrible and then considered I may have to stay home as I felt I had only had 10 minutes sleep when I checked why the alarm did not go off at 5am to see on the phone that it was 8:40pm. I sat saying “pm, pm, pm” until I realized I had only had 10 minutes sleep.


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