Good Advertising


Good Advertising

August 2, 2012 Stories 0

Good Advertising

I have been thinking, that’s a random thing I do.

On this occasion I have been thinking about when I was working as an Auditor and the diverse range of people I got to meet.

The standard practice in Auditing is to check source documents like invoices against entries in an accounting system.

At the premises of one business I was ready to look through the filing system to find what I needed. The system looked straightforward enough, filing in alphabetical order of the expense categories so I went looking under ‘A’ for an advertising expense listed.

When I could not find the invoice for advertising I asked the owner/manager where it might be. He said “Oh, under ‘G'”. It seemed so obvious to him. I had to ask, “Why is it filed under ‘G’?”. His response was simply, “Good advertising”. I also learned that the telephone account was under ‘F’. I didn’t ask.

I would often be asked to go to people’s homes in rural areas. Locating people’s homes in rural areas was difficult at times. Often, I would need to telephone and ask for directions. One time, a woman told me that I could not miss her house as it was the one “where the old pine trees use to be”. The woman found it hard to believe that I did not know where “the pine trees used to be”. She said, “Everyone knows where the pine trees used to be”. Trying to be kind, I asked if the “stumps of the pine trees where still there”. She laughed and said “No”. Explaining that I had never been to the area at all and that it was impossible for me to know where something used to be proved to be the most difficult task of the entire Audit.

Another time I was told that the street I needed to turn down was at the “Telstra building intersection”. The Telstra building, when I found it, was the size of an old outdoor dunny and was painted grey with a Telstra sign about the size of an A4 piece of paper! Driving a car it was easily missed, especially at the speed I drive. Often there was no mobile coverage in the area so I could not telephone to inform them I was lost in the wilderness.

Fun days. I love people and their interaction.  How I ended up in Accounting is yet another one of life’s mysteries.

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