Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day

March 2, 2012 Stories 0

Valentine’s Day

Who is this ‘Valentine’ person telling everyone to buy flowers one day of the year? A friend of mine did way better than flowers this year. Shayne carved ‘his and her’ initials in a love heart on a tree in his backyard. He then took a photo of his artwork, had it developed and put it in a lovely frame for his girlfriend. On the back of the frame he wrote down the latitude and longitude of the tree’s location. This made finding the tree part of the magic. Using her mobile phone GPS (it is called ‘Geocache’), she can go and find the tree, which will lead her straight to Shayne’s place. His heart is hers. Now she can sit at work and type the numbers into Google Maps and see their tree whenever she wants to. How cool is that?  This girl has to feel special.

Making your special person feel special is not about buying flowers on Valentine’s Day, we all know that. It almost seems disgraceful that we need to be reminded to do something special for the ones we love. I dislike the commercialisation of such things. However, had I received flowers, I would have been jumping up and down with joy!

With no special person in my life there was not even a hint of anything resembling romance for me this Valentine’s Day. No such luck.

I was big on saying, “Oh it’s all so commercial.” waving it off as something I did not need. What I didn’t realise was that I was failing myself big time by not allowing anyone the opportunity to tell me what I meant to them.

So, to my friend Shayne, you have now set a precedent. You best start thinking about the many years ahead with your lady and never forget to make sure she knows just how much she means to you. Of course it cuts both ways. This lady might be feeling, ‘What can I do to top that?’

I have no suggestions for her, but I did read in a magazine recently that you can buy a man anything that a 10-year-old boy likes.  Don’t you just love that? The article was written by a man. He justifies his article with the theory that receiving childish presents make men feel young again.

My friend Shayne is still young and off enjoying his romantic journey. Meanwhile, I am trying to recapture my youth and I don’t see that as working. Sure I want to feel young again. I want to be wooed again and have someone make me feel like I am the only other person on the planet.

Someone asked me this week, “Do you feel like you need to do everything?” I like to give things my full consideration, so I am still pondering on this one. I guess I do like to do everything, but not all the washing up.

At times I feel like I will not have enough of my lifetime left to do the things I still want to do. These things are nothing special. I don’t have a wish list or a bucket list. I don’t need to climb a mountain or see the sunset over a beach inFiji. I have my sunset here each day. I do, however, have my own personal challenges, which are my mountains to climb anytime I wish to do so. All I have to do is take that first step to what is waiting just around the corner.

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