The distortion of the mind


The distortion of the mind

November 24, 2017 Stories 0

The biggest fraud of all is the mind. The mind deceives us ….BIG TIME.

Ever wondered why a weird paranoid thought just seems to appear in your mind, without warning, it just arrives there completely uninvited?

Well I have often wondered about that. Sometimes I have been able to laugh it off, these days I do that most of the time, but I still get caught. In the 61 years I have been here, walking this walk, there have been plenty of personal experience where I was “taken” over by paranoia.

Leaving that one alone as the world abounds with examples of paranoia I prefer to tackle the issue of what to do about personal paranoia.

As it turns out, most people are not recognising common paranoia. Perhaps the volume of media pumped to the world each second has increased the deception that abounds. With such a lot a of social media and blogs, we all have a voice to the world and much of that voice is consistently misleading and highly distorted.

None of this extra piped in “news” has increased the general “happiness” level of people. That is well evidenced with increases in anger played out in homes, road rage and workplace issues. Recent research is also confirming this. Thus the internal combat within most people is being projected out to the world at a faster pace than ever before. Many people have an internal war going on.

While in combat, flying missions ( I have recently read the book “Catch 22″ ) you know you are insane. But once you ask to stop flying the combat mission then you are sane. Once you are sane you cannot be released from combat missions. Asking to be released proves you are sane. If you are sane then you must continue to work. Whilst you never ask to stop flying the combat missions you are insane, but because you don’t ask you are allowed to continue working, even though you are insane. There is no way to get out of flying the combat missions in the book. That is Catch 22.

The world projects an image which is insane but because it is so widely acceptable as the world we live in we cannot see any way out of the insanity.

The way out is within.

This era is not set to take any awards in higher happiness. It would appear we are getting further and further away from being happy.

I am not here to tell you anything; each of us have all we need within us to tell us all we need to know and do. We are born with it.

What resonates within you?

People tend to want to identify with an ego. People build up a “picture” of who they are that starts with a mirror. Who we really are cannot be seen in a mirror. What we see in a mirror is a body which “holds” who we are and allows a physical presence, but that’s it.

The mind deceives us at this core level and then “more people” build onto that deception until we are so covered by “image” that who we are is lost to our sight.

Current catch phrases distort our effort to be still.

One is ‘Over thinking’ – any thinking is over thinking. The mind needs stillness, nothingness and silence.

The term ‘over thinking’ is paranoid thought worded up to suggest that some thoughts are ok. None are ok. We don’t need any of them.

All thoughts are meaningless unless we give them meaning.

Most of the time as people we give them paranoid meanings, by using language such as ‘over-thinking’.

Of course we are stuck with language to explain things to each other. The issue is we don’t trust what is within each of us we would rather believe what someone else tells us to believe. Or choose a random thought. That has to be madness.

Therefore beliefs are a problem.

Where did all these beliefs come from? I’ll leave that to someone to “research”.

We think thoughts. They are a by-product of our mind. Our mind is a functioning tool. We can learn things with it. That’s all we need to do with it.

I read somewhere that “thoughts” just float around randomly. I went on to imagine that they just stick to me like a fly is attracted to sweat.

At times in my life when I have felt anxious the thoughts have flooded my head until it all got so much I would say “this is driving me mad”. It was. The thoughts were driving me mad. Once I decided they were not even my thoughts it became very easy to laugh at them as they floated by out of my head.

I have tested this out many times. Here is one common example. I am at work and I see people in an office (door shut) in deep discussion and I think it is all about me. So the thoughts flock in like wild Geese returning to their nest.

All of the thoughts setting up a nesting space in my mind to chatter to me and each other. “Oh they think this about me, Oh I’ve done that or haven’t done that, Oh they don’t like me, Oh what if I lose my job” and so it goes on.

This is paranoia because sometime later I become privy to the conversation that was held in the office with the door closed and I walk away knowing that it had nothing to do with me.

Nobody is even thinking about “me” and so it is now completely indisputable that all those crazy thoughts that the nesting geese had chattered about in my head really were only in my head. They were indeed paranoid, crazy and insane thoughts. So where did they come from?

At this point I hear a reader saying something to the effect that the group in the office were talking about me but lied to me. I acknowledge that Yes that is a possibility and will happen. That lies are told to cover up what is talked about. All of this I also accept as true. However accepting and being aware of how it is no matter how it is becomes part of the joy of not being deceived by the mind. Of course people do terrible things whether I become paranoid about it or not. So take out the thoughts and what are you left with?


If the discussion in the office is all about me and the next day I am told to pack myself off to another place – then I will do that, as it happens, not before. No point in doing any thinking about this one, the decision has been made and I can deal with any decision good or bad because what lies within me is not controlled by how others behave.

Question, Can I stop the way people behave?

Answer: No

Another question, can I stop the thoughts?

Only answer: No

There are “thoughts” and there is “thinking”.

My thinking tool can go to work, or rather I choose to use my thinking function. You know like press F1.

The random thoughts that arrive from nowhere. Press Delete.

There is only ever one problem and one answer, is it true or not true.

Can I control the decision another person has made? No I cannot.

Can I accept that I cannot control this? Yes I can.

I don’t see any other options here I can either change it, which is rare, or I can accept it.

It is true or it is not true. It is real or it is unreal.

Do I need to think (press F1) do I need that thought (press Delete).

Think about The Serenity Prayer, I am not saying anything new here. I would think that most of the world has heard The Serenity Prayer, in one form or another. The first line asks “God grant me the Serenity…” what is serenity if not peace, stillness, nothingness, calmness all this lies within each of us. How can it not.

Not one person is “faulty” the Universe made us all, we are all connected.

The Universe does not go to the pub at lunchtime Friday and then come back to the factory line and forget to add joy to the soul of what is being created.

Having always had a personal interest in finding out why I am here and who is “me”, I have read a lot of the “self-help” style of books in 61 years. Most have not been much good, some have been good. The few that have been exceptional are just arriving in my life now. Yet it was the simple 4 lines of the Serenity Pray that I found and placed on my wall as a child that has proven to hold all the truth I need to ever know.

Many other good books I have read without getting the message. As I re-read some now the message is there. I laugh so much as I read again what I have read in the past without seeing what the words were telling me, this is joy.

That sense of ‘seeing’ what you could not see before. This is evidence, I cannot manufacture joy, it is manufactured within me. Just like breathing, going to sleep and waking up these things just happen because they are a built in function.

Joy is the same. People can and do learn (via thoughts) to put a blanket over joy.

Some belief system triggers something which tells the mind that we cannot be joyful, too much bad stuff is happening either to us or someone we love or the world at large so we better get a cover over our joyfulness. We want people to like us and if we are too happy they will think us odd so lets get unhappy – just like them. Hahaha

People who do sad things to other people are desperately unhappy and fearful yet so often people will choose to make these people their role models in life.

I see that “I” (“me”, the form I have as a body) have been fortunate to have not gathered too much “image”. It was not inflected on me as I witness in other people, due to harsh experiences they were subjected to. For most of my life I have not had a lot of mind chatter going on and on. My mind has been still, open and quiet. I like quiet within. I grew up on a busy main road the outside noise of the world does not worry me at all. It is the inside noise that I really dislike. As I am not writing a memor, I restrict information about me. Nothing in my life would be of interest to anyone, nor should it be, we are not who we “think” we are. Who we are is within us. How can anyone show you that which you are already?

This is where the mind deceives us. The mind tells us the “me story” I am this and I am that and Oh Wow. We (me) makes up this story. It is a mind story. It is not true. No matter what it says.

The mind can only deceive us until that point when we “awaken” (sorry if this sounds like another common phrase but I have no other word I can use) and see for ourselves that the “me” is not me. This cannot be taught to anyone by anyone. There is nothing to learn. To risk creating more phrases I will word it up as – we have to “unlearn” who we are not. We have to “undress”, take the “blanket” away, we don’t need it. We are not our bodies and mostly we are not what our minds have told us we are either. If that seems scary…be still.

It’s going to be ok.

I cannot make you happy….you can.

You… can… be… happy… that is a true statement.

It has nothing to do with another person. Just remove the blanket you put around who you are. The blanket you provided under the power of deception which you created in your mind. You choose to cover your joy; choose again. One problem and one answer, that is how easy and simple it is.

Each of us is love, that’s the distortion of the mind; we do not need to look for love. It is who we are.

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