Mind Chatter


Mind Chatter

September 8, 2017 Stories 0

This much I have learned. We cannot make anyone happy and if that is true it must also be true that we cannot make anyone unhappy. No more guilt.

What makes a person happy or unhappy comes from within that person. It is a source of funds we are born with. The funds get hidden from our view pretty quickly, it seems, but they never leave and are never depleted. Imagine that.

What hides the funds from our view is our view. Not sure what it is about a life on earth that does this only that it often does occur and often very early in our life.

The mind becomes busy with the tool of thinking. So busy it almost never stops. It is a wonderful tool, to think. It is a deep black hole to be so preoccupied with our thoughts that we no longer use the tool for thinking.

The mind chatter rules our life on earth and covers over the joy that is the source of funds we are born with.

Through the stillness of the mind, stopping the chatter, we uncover the wealth within.

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